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about Our Audience and Reach

Our audience is comprised of CEOs, business leaders and those who aspire to lead looking for best practices and tips.

about Hidden Gems: The Podcast

The mission of Hidden Gems is to bring critical risks to light and uncover surprising opportunities to business leaders who want to increase sales and keep customers through deepening trust. We deliver one powerful actionable idea using our "Five Focus Questions" method.

what's in it for You?

Because of our minimalist format, you’ll be spending less than 30 minutes being interviewed. We transcribe all interviews and create blog posts that are posted on our website. In addition to being published on our podcast, the interview will also be posted to LinkedIn. These will create long lasting backlinks to your chosen landing page.

about The Format

This podcast uses our minimalist five focus question format. Our interviews last between 8 and 11 minutes and ask 5 pointed questions.  

  • What’s the biggest challenge or risk you have faced in your business?
  • What key action did you take to solve this?
  • What surprising discovery did you find most impactful, in your experience?
  • What the #1 tip you could give a leader for their business' success?
  • What should I have asked you that I didn’t?

This format allows us to produce content that will be listened to and read with high frequency.

about Nalini Kaplan

Nalini started her first business at 23 and has worked with businesses ranging from startups to global conglomerates to generate over $3 billion in revenues. She is the creator of and DataProtection DyanmiX™ which helps businesses deepen customer trust, shorten the sales cycle by 35% or more, and reduce the complexity of data privacy and information security in 90 days.



Provided the interview goes well, we will publish and distribute it, with long lasting links to your landing page.


  • Webcams are on, but I will not publish the video.
  • I will welcome and introduce you with a short bio.
  • Then we'll begin the interview and you will have 15 minutes to answer the questions above. You can prepare in advance; I will send you the questions in your confirmation email.


  • Please make sure your microphone is high quality and that you are in a quiet space (without echo or background noise) for our interview.
  • You must have a high capacity internet connection, preferably a wired one.
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