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Are you here because you’re looking for more information about my DataProtection DynamiX™ programs?

Great -- I’ll gladly tell you everything you need to know.   

But please note that there are at least four different options for you to engage with DataProtection DynamiX™... and I want to make certain you get the one that’s best suited to your budget and needs.   

People generally arrive here after scheduling an appointment with me for a conversation about implementing effective data privacy practices to generate more revenue and deepen their customer relationships. As you are here, I'll assume you recently scheduled a meeting with me (and if you haven't and you'd like to, click here to schedule a convenient meeting time).

If you want to know more about what makes DataProtection DynamiX™ unique, here are nine reasons why my clients say DataProtection DynamiX™ is their top choice for embedding proven data privacy systems into their businesses.

I will refund 100% of your investment

There are seven easy-to-follow action points. Provided you complete each one, if you are not delighted with the result, simply let me know via email. I’ll willingly refund 100% of your investment within 24 hours of receiving your email, with no questions asked.

How that works is simple: Just email me at nalini [at] reThinkPrivacy.com (with a copy to  help [at] reThinkPrivacy.com). We'll cancel your enrollment and send you a full refund.

You get a system that is about and for people; four levels deep

Pushing sales is NOT the answer; deepening relationships is!

Most companies state in their privacy policy, "Your privacy is very important to us." Right?!

To make sure that those are not empty words we help you signal that you care deeply about relationships. And demonstrable action is so much better than the typical empty platitude. 

There are four levels to deepening relationships and we work with you at all four levels so you can establish a depth of relationship with every prospect, customer and employee that would be the envy of your competitors.

I have been where you are and I am now where you want to be

When I started putting cybersecurity and data privacy into my company, I was overwhelmed by all of the information and software companies offering solutions - most of which applied to big enterprises, not my start-up.

I couldn't find a solution so I created one.

In 12 simple steps, we’ll transform your business in terms of digital security and privacy from "we think we're okay" to “we know we’re okay”. 

You will know what data you have, how to protect it, and how to leverage it.

I believe in doing the hard work upfront of making systems simple for people without years of trial and error.

Not only data privacy but increase your revenues in 90 days

Your goal is NOT to implement a data privacy program, but increase your revenues, deepen your customer relationships and decrease your operational time and costs. 

My proprietary methodology makes you operational in three months.

DataProtection DynamiX™ is designed to be a core part of your business strategy to realize your goals. 

And meeting regulatory compliance is a natural byproduct of executing your strategy. 

Demonstrable results every week cuts your sales cycle in half

This method has proved successful in the field with small and medium-sized businesses because showing you have your data security and privacy act together to prospective customers leads to more business.


When you have a working program, you can whip out a prospective customer's security and privacy questionnaire in minutes to hours, instead of weeks, gaining tremendous improvement in the performance and productivity of their sales cycle. Here’s a typical example: One client decreased their sales closure time by 75% in one quarter - from 4 weeks to a day - by confidently answering a data protection questionnaire. 

This company was able to earn over $250,000 in new business from global companies that require their vendors to have evidence-based data protection compliance.

Right-sized for your business AND you get 75% of the hard work DONE FOR YOU...

… because for example: 

Nobody likes to write policies and procedures. Yes. No one. That’s why I’ve taken care of this for you. 

One of the reasons so many growing businesses neglect information security and data privacy is simple: they don't want to do it!

I've spent the last five years designing a doable program that takes out the tedium and replaces it with trust-building actions your team can put into place within hours.

86% of cybersecurity breaches will have a significant financial impact. You won't be one of them!

And here’s why… 

According to the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, an estimated 86% of cybersecurity breaches will have a financial impact that could cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the downtime and lost trust in your company.

OK, we get why. But HOW do you prepare yourself?

Within the program, we simulate a data disaster and then work backward to plug the gaps. 

Because you'll have a living, breathing playbook that shows you the exact steps to take (if) when you face a dreaded data incident.

No more guessing. No more panic.

Turn being vulnerable into peace of mind with data protection - it's life insurance for your blood, sweat, and tears.

You get my mobile number and my brain

Every client gets my mobile phone number because I want you to know that I care that much about helping you feel supported. You get personalized service directly from me rather than a set of juniors. 

I will also meet with you personally, every week to talk with you and review your work so that you get specific feedback on exactly what you need to do next at every stage.

As a client, you get to "rent both my brain and my rolled-up sleeves". By working together, you get the discipline and know-how of “Big 5” consulting—without the high price tag or unethical practice of the "billable hours" running meter.

Stay in the program for as long as you want my advice and are getting value

I never kick anyone out of a program simply because their time’s up.     

I mean, give me a break. How can online training expire? The videos, PDFs and MP3s don’t spontaneously combust just because the person providing the program has set an end date. And the DataDynamiX™ platform doesn't melt away either! In fact, you will need data protection to evolve as your business grows.

Plus, as you likely already know, sustaining a program takes consistency and practice. That's why I've developed this program as a done-with-you at your own pace implementation. Mo goal is to make sure you AND your team can carry on and that my team is here for you as you grow and your data protection needs evolve.

Imagine being told, “I’m sorry, you obviously like my program and are still getting use out of it, but you’ve been enjoying it for too long now so I’ve got to ask you to leave.” That's what universities do - with pomp and circumstance, no less, not successful business leaders like you and me.

It makes a limited amount of sense for programs that include live coaching hours, unlimited online support, and done-for-you services, because those things are paid for out of the course provider’s profit margin… but even then, why force someone to stop using their program? Why not simply give them the option to control their own membership, so they can stay as long as they like?

That’s how we organize our programs here. You’ll make an initial set up investment in whichever program you choose, and then you’ll have an ongoing monthly subscription for the level of membership and support that best suits your needs.

As for how long you actually need to block out on your calendar… Every DataDynamiX™ program starts with a strategic implementation phase. For the sake of simplicity and productivity, we’ve defined the official length of each program as the time frame in which most people can complete that implementation phase, assuming they spend 8 to 12 hours per week on it.     

But you and your team get to keep working with us for as long as you need, putting in whatever time you’re able to commit. Only got one hour per week? Then it’ll take longer, but you can still get there. 

If you want to get through the initial implementation phase in the shortest possible time, of course you’ll need to commit more hours per week. But if you have a vacation coming up, or you just get too busy for a couple of weeks, or God forbid you get sick, then don’t worry -- you can keep your membership even while you take a break from the program, and still accomplish your lead generation goals quickly once you get back into the swing of things.     

Even after you’re done implementing the foundational DataDynamiX™ system, we’re here for you. At time of writing, I have one client in London, Ontario who has been a client in my program for the last 20 months. As long as he's getting value then I’m happy for him and his team to keep joining in, asking questions, and continuing to optimize his business and sales, leveraging data protection. 

Your monthly membership keeps you in the loop for all of the same support regardless of whether it’s your first day or your hundred-and-first day.    

I think we've covered the bases! Congratulations for reading the whole megillah.

If after everything you’ve just read, you want to go right ahead and enroll in our DataDynamiX™ Foundation program, click here for the details and enrollment options.  

If you’d prefer to have a quick chat with me about your data protection needs, and whether DataDynamiX™ or someone/something else is a better option for you, then click here to book a call and get more info about what will happen when we chat.

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