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Need a super-secure place to store, sync and share files easily from anywhere, anytime?

Do you ever feel that navigating online, especially when it comes to storing and sharing files and photos with others, has become too complicated, too draining and unsafe? It seems that practically every day we are bombarded by scary problems: data breaches, hacking, lost or stolen hard drives.

I felt overwhelmed and alarmed by the lack of privacy and security in the online world. And, here’s the kicker. I’m a techie and privacy expert. If I felt overwhelmed, I can only begin to imagine how you might feel.

I had been storing, sharing and syncing files in Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. I discovered that even though these companies claim to keep my data safe and secure, they have some fundamental flaws that I can no longer live with. Sadly, if you use one or more of these cloud file systems, the companies can look at your data and a hacker can grab your data. In fact, hackers have gotten into systems I thought were safe.

After Dropbox and Box – popular cloud file management companies – got hacked, I knew I had to find a better solution. I began researching and vetting solutions that met my high privacy and security needs. I switched out apps that don’t take my privacy seriously and developed a system for organizing and working online safely and easily. I now operate online in a calm state of “flow”. The foundation of my system is a secure, easy to use, online file management app called Tresorit. File management is where I recommend most people start if they want to organize and secure their information – think documents, spreadsheets, client lists, photos and more. I am so impressed with Tresorit that I decided to become an expert in how to implement it and offer it to my clients.

What if you had a way to store and manage your precious data and memories in a safe, convenient and easy way? And, what if you had security and sharing features that normally only big businesses and organizations get without paying an arm and a leg?

Here’s why I urge you to consider switching to Tresorit:

Your data is…

  • Safe and Secure. It’s encrypted before getting sent to Tresorit and stored in encrypted format. This means your information gets “scrambled” and NO ONE but you or people you authorize can see your information.
  • Both easily accessible to people you authorize and encrypted automatically. You don’t have to fuss with setting up your own encryption method or send someone your encryption “keys”.
  • Stored in Switzerland. The Swiss have some of the most stringent data privacy and security laws in the world. It is stored securely on multiple servers (computers), so you never lose your files. That’s called redundant storage.
  • Synced across your devices: your laptop, your smart phone, your tablet. You can sync up to 10 devices.

You are in control. You can…

  • Confidently share individual files or entire folders with others securely.
  • Set a time limit and the number of times someone can access a file.
  • Get deleted files back and you can get any prior versions of your files too.
  • Integrate Tresorit with Outlook so you send files securely and not as bulky attachments that others could forward.
  • Wipe your device if it gets lost or stolen. This means that your phone or laptop’s Tresorit files would be deleted immediately at the push of a button.

Here is the deal. Normally, you would have to pay $288 a year (or $30 per month) for Tresorit with their solo plan. Or, you’d have to sign up 10 or more people for their business plan for $144 a year per person.

Now you can get an individual subscription with all the benefits of the business plan for $144 per year. You get 1,000 GB of file storage plus set up and support from me at a 50% discount!

Here is what is included in your annual subscription.

  1. Tresorit Business Subscription for One Person. You are welcome to purchase additional subscriptions, of course.
  2. Step by step instruction on how to switch from Dropbox
  3. Onboarding guide with video and step by step guidance on how to use Tresorit
  4. Cloud file management best practices
  5. Personalized, prompt customer service by Nalini

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FAQ and Resources

How do I find out more about Tresorit?

Contact me for further information and demo or visit

How do I pay for Tresorit?

You pay Nalini via her company, Cultiva Partners LLC, for your Tresorit subscription. Nalini uses PayPal. You can use your paypal account or credit or debit card to pay for your subscription. If you rather pay by check, please contact Nalini.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You will continue to access to your subscription through the end of the year or month, depending on the plan you purchased. After your subscription period ends, then you will be switched to Tresorit Basic. Your data will be kept, but if you have more than 3 GB of data, you will not be able to sync files until you free up some space.

I have a business or organization with 10 or more people. Can you help me set up a Tresorit Business Account?

Sure! Please contact me to talk through what you need and she will make a recommendation.

I am clergy. Do you have a Tresorit subscription for my spiritual service?

Yes! Contact me for clergy pricing.

Do you offer courses for building and using trust-based applications?

Yes! Contact me for information about workshops and upcoming online courses for Practicing Safe Internet and Safe and Secure Business Systems.

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