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This website is the home of our mission to bring greater awareness and harmony between people and technology. To do that, we believe we must address matters of trust between us. This means answering important questions such as, “How do we return to our humanity in the face of technology and data analytics applications that continually violate our trust and social norms, especially in light of advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence?” Or more basically, “How do we practice safe internet?” or "How do I not succumb to the "Tech Big 5" scooping up everything about me?!

We currently teach workshops, for example, on Practicing Safe(r) Internet  and the Fundamentals of Digital Privacy and consult on privacy programs. We perform research and then turn the findings into understandable step-by-step guides and courses. Since the world of privacy, security and technology are evolving so quickly, we have invested in learning laws and best practices and earning certifications in Privacy Management and Privacy Technology.

The primary place that to get data privacy information is through our newsletter. You can sign up below. You'll only get information on how to deepen trust and improve your systems by adopting privacy and security practices to protect yourself and the people you serve. Nothing unexpected or disrespectful.  

If you're ready to learn how to bring your systems in line with your values of trust, respect and agency, then enter your email address below or book a time to connect. We offer a complimentary 30 minute call.

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